What we do?

1. Increase and promote the production of various types of high-quality certified Mexican cocoa beans.

2. Encourage Domestic Reforestation.

3. Support farmer aid programs in order to raise their living standards.

4. Carry out responsible agricultural practices to encourage land’s protection and the responsible use of water.

  • To reduce water pollution we will work to control all sources of contamination such as pesticides and fertilizers, sediment, wastewaters, garbage, fuels and so.
  • We will invest in research and infrastructure programs to create sustainable irrigation systems which will include captation and reuse of rain water.

5. Carry out ecological and environmental activities respecting the local biodiversity and with a rational and responsible use of chemicals and pesticides..

  • Cacao Mexico is concerned for having good land fertilization through a sustainable use of fertilizers to minimize the negative impacts that they could produce, such as land’s degradation and water pollution.
  • Encourage organic fertilizing techniques.

6. Attend to ecological and ambiental needs from cocoa producing zones of the country.

7. Carry out assistance and charity activities to help low income communities in the cocoa producing areas.

8. “Cacao Mexico” Certification and Quality Guarantee