About Us


  • Nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with headquarters in Mexico City.
  • Our aim is to support the promotion and increase the production of high quality cocoa in Mexico through sustainable agricultural practices and contribute to reforestation in the country.
  • We support the development of States with potential to produce cocoa, contributing to the social and economic development of farmers and their families.
  • We work with private funds from various donors from the chocolate industry as other major foundations, individuals, corporations, research institutes and other NGOs including international resources from all over the world.
Increase the production of high quality Mexican cocoa by promoting sustainable crops and improve the living conditions of farmers and their families.
Position Mexico as the country with the highest global recognition for the high quality of its cocoa, ensuring a sustainable supply of this crop that benefits both producers and the entire supply chain for its high added value.
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility