Firts Proyect

Hershey’s Project / Cacao Mexico Foundation/ Ecom

Cocoa Sustainability Project, renovation and assistance to producers.



Support the cocoa sector in Chiapas in conjunction with the support of international actors like Hersheys and the national government (INIFAP) through the development of a sustainable crop

  • Starting in 2012, the renewal of plantations for an area of ​​approximately 1’000 hectares over five years.
  • The increase in income of cocoa farmers
  • Promote research in the field
  • Establishment of 9 acres of clonal garden and 1 hectare of nursery
  • Get a material with better yields, tolerant to diseases (such as moniliasis) and of good quality.
  • UTZ Certification of 1700 hectares, in a first stage.


Expected results:

 Expected results in field:

  • Direct impact on approximately 750 families / 1.750 hectares.
  • The marketing of the crop is 100% guaranteed by Ecom and Hershey’s.
  • Renewing 1,000 hectares, will increase the yield of 300 kgs to 1,000 kgs. per hectare, representing an income increased by 300% for the farmers and their families

Expected results in research:

  • Addition of 5 new varieties validated by CATIE.
  •  Supporting research and analysis of new varieties by INIFAP.
  • Access to the genebank, establishment of 9 acres of clolnal garden and 1 hectare of nursery.



Place and communities where the project is being developed:

 Chiapas, Soconsusco region. Cacao Mexico Foundation is working in conjunction with Hershey’s, Inifap, Sagarpa, Catie and UTZ Kapeh Foundation.

 Our first project will benefit 795 farmers in the following communities: Villa Comaltitlán (242 producers) Huixtla (93 producers), Tuzantan (398 producers), Suchiate (27 producers) and Frontera Hidalgo (35 producers).



 It is a 10-year project, but results are expected from the first year since the main problem is the lack of maintenance in the plantations which decreases productivity and that is already being solved.