Harvesting and preparation for its processing into chocolate


Cocoa has a rough crust of almost 4 cm thick. It is filled with a viscous pink flesh, sweet and edible, which contains 30 to 50 long grains (white and fleshy) arranged in rows in the lattice that forms the pulp. The beans or cocoa beans have the form of beans: two parts and one seed surrounded by a cover rich in tannin. Its raw flavor is very bitter and astringent.


In some regions, cocoa harvesting takes place all year round, but especially between the months of May to December. In other parts of the world, West Africa, for example, the main crop is harvested between September and February.


  • Guided by the color of the sheath and the sound made inside when being slightly beaten, the collector knows when it is time to harvest. As soon as the pods ripen, the so called tumblers, with a sickle or special knife fixed on a pole, cut the stem of the pods, being careful not to damage the flowers and buds nearby. After that, the fruit is cut crosswise with a machete.
  • Pods are cut without damaging the seeds. These are removed with a spoon-shaped utensil with the pulp that surrounds them, and are arranged in a conical pile on a banana leaf base. Then the leaves are rolled from the base and other large pieces are added to completely wrap the piles. This starts the process of fermentation, which lasts three to seven days depending on the flavor you want to obtain.